AMP Office Job Opportunities

TITLE: Financial Manager


  1. Prepare financial and business reports and perform financial analysis to reduce costs,maximize profit, plan budgets, and maintain the financial health of the company, and use the projection to forecast future financial performance.
  2. Monitor the financial system and bank records and reconciliations to ensure the company is well-functioning, including ensuring all procedures are correctly performed, debts are timely collected, bills are paid, payrolls are submitted and cash flow is stable and positive.
  3. Prepare operational or risk reports for management analysis.
  4. Develop and implement internal policies and procedures for financial activities, and work with the management team to make policy and procedure changes to achieve financial and managerial goals.
  5. Supervise employees who perform financial reporting.
  6. Provide advice to the management team for making financial decisions.
  7. Participate in personnel management of financial positions.
  8. Participate in negotiations with vendors, deal with unexpected financial issues, deal with bank, payroll company and the third parties, CPA, etc.

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in the field of financial management of plus 1 year of experience in job offered or related financial management experience.  Financial Manager, sought by APACHE POWER INDUSTRIAL LLC in Round Rock, TX. Master’s degree in & 1 year of experience required. Pls send CV & cover by mail to HR, offered salary: $139443. Address:2013 Lamar Drive, Round Rock, TX 78664. HOURS: 40 hours; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday;