Kohler® Command PRO Maintenance

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This is the maintenance schedule for your Command PRO 14 HP.

This is the engine on your AMP® Kohler® TRITON ® 9000rs or your AMP® Kohler® 10,000 watt gas generator. It is important to follow these schedules to make sure your products are always running at top performance levels.

Daily or Before Starting the Engine

Fill fuel tank
Check oil level
Check air intake and cooling areas; clean as necessary1
Check air cleaner and pre cleaner
Check spark arrestor (some models) clean as necessary1

Annually or Every 50 Hours

Clean or replace pre-cleanergenerac-drain-oil

Annually or Every 100 Hours

Change Oil

Clean cooling areas
Clean spark arrestor (some models)

Annually or Every 200 Hoursspark plug

Replace Air Cleaner Element
Replace Fuel Filter (some models)
Replace spark plug and set gap
Check and adjust valve clearence when engine is cold2
Service starter motor drive, if so equipped2


1If equipment is used under extremely dusty or dirty conditions, perform these maintenance procedures more frequently.
2Have a KOHLER dealer perform this service.